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ABAQUS is a highly sophisticated, general purpose finite element program, designed primarily to model the behavior of solids and structures under externally applied loading.


Abaqus is only available to research groups that have bought Abaqus licenses.

Contact DECF Consult for software download and licensing information.

Licenses beginning 5/1/2016

Purchase or Renew your license

The minimum configuration to run an analysis job on 1 CPU with a graphical interface for 1 user is:

5 execute (analysis) tokens + 1 interactive (cae) token

Our annual license is valid from May 1 to April 30.

Prof Group Excecute Tokens Interactive Tokens
Burgmann 8 1
Glaser 5 1
Komvopoulos 5 1
O'Reilly 5 1
Pruitt 10 2
Sitar 14 1
Taylor 5 1
Last updated: 2017/04/28


Price is dependent on the total number of licenses in the final order, and your license configuration.

Tokens Scheme

The table below shows the number of analysis tokens required to execute one analysis according to functionality and the number of processors used:

The table below shows the the number of tokens required based upon the number of simultaneous users:


Due to the academic discount we receive, technical support is not included with the license. However, there are 2 ways for users to obtain technical support:

  1. Sign up for a free account through Abaqus website, and access the free Learning Community.

  2. Purchase the additional service request packages. The support packages are based on the number of incidents. As of September 2014, a 5-incident support account is $639.80; a 10-incident support account is $1,067.00.


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