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    The 1111 Etch lab is open 8AM-6PM. If you want to get access after hours, see the details on cardkey access.

    Lab Schedule

    The lab is open for general access except when a class is in session. Check the schedule for lab sessions.


  • 11 Precision T3500 Workstations (Intel Xeon Quad Core, 6GB RAM)
  • 13 Precision T3400 Workstations (Intel Core 2 Quad, 2GB RAM)
  • 2 Black & White HP Laserjet printers
  • 1 Color HP Laserjet printer

  • Clients

    Workstations in the 1111 Etcheverry ( can be remotely accessed via SSH.

    You MUST connect to first before you can SSH to these machines!

    Check the Client Status

    boogie bump chacha charleston
    fandango fever flamenco foxtrot
    freeze jitterbug jive lindy-hop
    macarena mambo mazurka merengue
    minuet polka quickstep rumba
    salsa sidekick sock-hop stomp


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