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Facility Info:
Archipelagos Linux Cluster


  • Hardware
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  • Hardware

    15 DELL Poweredge1850 servers donated by DELL in 2005

    • Intel Xeon 800Mhz, 3.4GHz 1MB Cache
    • 2GB - 4GB RAM
    • 36GB Harddrive


    Access to the Archipelagos cluster is through SSH ONLY. First, SSH into kepler, then SSH into any of the client machines within the Archipelagos cluster.

    See the SSH How-to for online help on SSH.


    The machines within the Archipelagos cluster are:

    bahamas cook fiji galapagos
    hawaii japan kermadec lofoten
    malaysia zealand orkneys polynesia
    samoa tonga venice

    You can check the cluster's status here: Linux Client Status


    Available Software


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