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  • About

    General Computing Account

    Faculty/Staff/Students in the following departments can apply for a general computing account with DECF: Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Civil Engineering, Bioengineering, and the College of Engineering.

    A DECF account gives you:

    • Access to 1111 and 1171 Etcheverry computing labs
    • Access to the Archipelagos and Reindeer computing clusters
    • An email account (*no longer offered beginning July 1, 2010)
    • A home directory on our file server, which is available on all our Linux machines.
    • Homepage on DECF webserver

    Account Instructions

    You can apply for a DECF account online here.

    If you already have an account, you can manage your account using the Account Management Tool.

    You can reset password, change password, manage your disk/print quotas, and apply for cardkey using the Tool.

    Computing Facilities

    Two computing labs (1111 and 1171 Etcheverry Hall) are available for general computing access for DECF users.

    The labs are open M-F 8:00AM-6:00PM. After-hours access requires a cardkey.

    Two computing clusters (Archipelagos and Reindeer clusters) are available for remote computing access for DECF users.

    See the How to Connect and Run Jobs Remotely section below for access details.

    Disk Quota

    The disk quotas on the file server (file.decf.berkeley.edu) allocated are as followed:

    (home3 & home4)
    Class Accounts

    You can purchase additional quota and manage your quota using the DECF Account Management Tool

    Click here to learn more about Unix disk quotas.

    Click here to learn about temporary storage space (/tmp).

    How to Connect and Run Jobs Remotely If you are new to SSH and remote connection, please see the How to SSH for software installation and general instructions.

    To run jobs remotely, simply SSH to kepler.berkeley.edu and authenticate with your DECF account. Once logged into kepler, ssh to one of the client machines within the Archipelagos and Reindeer clusters.

    DO NOT run jobs on kepler. Always run jobs on the Archipelagos and Reindeer machines.
    Click here for more information about kepler.

    See the Linux Client Status for machines available in the Archipelagos and Reindeer clusters.

    If you are running jobs that will take more than 10 minutes to complete, you should always run it in the background. Connections that are idle (with no active user interactions) for longer that 10 minutes are automatically disconnected by the server for secruity reasons.

    Read the Computing and Processing Practices for more information on how to run jobs remotely, and on how to put jobs in the background.

    How to Print
    General General information on lab printers.
    Print Management How to manage your print jobs.
    Quotas Print quotas.
    Screen Captures How to print a screen capture.
    PDF Help How to print PDF files.
    Postscript Help How to print postscript files, especially troublesome ones
    From Pine How to print E-mail messages directly within Pine

    List of Software

    DECF has software and applications for general, instructional, and research computing.

    For the complete list of software and applications available at DECF, please see the Software/Applications help page.