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  • Print Spool Names
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  • Trash
  • Rules

  • You can print to the laser printers via the following machines:
    • (login server)
    • 1111 Etch Linux Workstations

    Print Spool Names

    The lpr printing system uses "print queues" to provide users with access to multiple printers, or even different functions on the same printer. A user just needs to specify the queue name when printing. When the job is entered into the queue it is given a job number with which it can be manipulated

    Following are the printer queues available on DECF:

    • duplex (default printer in room in DUPLEX mode)
    • *no name specified* (default printer in room)
    • lp1111 (1111 Printers - HP4100DTN, HP4350DTN)
    • lp1111-duplex (1111 Printers - HP4100DTN, HP4350DTN in DUPLEX mode)
    • colorps (HP3800DTN Color Laserjet, default)
    • colorps-duplex (HP3800DTN Color Laserjet, in DUPLEX mode)


    lpr -P duplex filename sends "filename" to the "duplex" queue
    lpr filename sends "filename" to the default print queue
    lpr filename1 filename2 sends multiple files to default print queue
    lpq Views print jobs in default queue
    lpq -P lp1111 Views print jobs in the "lp1111-2" queue
    lprm -P lp1111-2 635 Remove job number 635 from the "lp1111-2" queue

    Printing Notes

    • Each job you submit is given a job number. When you cancel a job, you must specify the queue it is in, or else it will not be canceled.
    • You can submit one job on one machine, and cancel it on another machine, as long as the machines are one of those listed above.
    • The lpr command is used to print textfiles full-page, 60 lines to a page, and to send postscript files to the printer. If you are printing a large
      text file however, with more than 3 or 4 pages, please consider using the "a2ps" command.

      will print your text file two pages on a page, saving paper for us, and bulk to carry around for you. DO IT ONLY ON POSTSCRIPT (.ps) FILES!!

      a2ps -2 file.txt

    • To print PDF files on Linux/Unix machines, just use lpr command. If you want to print 2-up, duplex, etc, convert it into a postscript file first.

    Printable Files

    You should be able to print any of the following file types directly on the command prompt. Printing other file types may spew out gibberish.
    • Postscript (.ps)
    • PDF (.pdf)
    • GIF (.gif)
    • JPG (.jpg)
    • DVI (.dvi)
    • Ascii


    1. Hit the Print Screen button on the upper left side of the keyboard. You will be prompted to save the screen shot. Use the default filename Screenshot.png.
    2. Right click on the desktop and click on "New Terminal"
    3. Navigate to where you saved to file. If you saved it under your home directory, you can do a "ls" to see the file.
    4. Print the file by typing lpr Screenshot.png. It will be printed to the default printer in the room.
      If you want to touch up the file. Double click on User's Home on the desktop. Right click on the file name, and you can open it using "Gimp", which is a Photoshop-like program, or any of the other image programs.
    1. SSH into
    2. unix% screenshot
    3. Highlight the window you want to print. You may have to click on it twice.
    4. lpr


    Control of trash, particularly scrap paper which tends to accumulate in the printer room is a problem for all users. This is a user-operated facility and we do not have a custodian who picks up after us. WE ALL DO IT!


    Please be courteous and responsible enough to follow the following rules. If you find someone who is unaware of the rules don't hesitate to remind him of this simple set of rules which will keep our facility the best managed and most pleasant place to work on campus.

    1. No food or drink around the workstations at any time.
    2. Clean up all scrap paper and deposit in waste containers before you leave.
    3. If you find unclaimed output in the printer basket separate it by login name and file it in the appropriate bin alphabetically. The next
      time you may be grateful for the courtesy.
    4. If you find scrap paper lying about PICK IT UP and deposit it in the trash container. If you see someone leaving scrap paper ask that person to pick it up!
    Thanks for your cooperation!