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    The print quota amount is based on average print usage in our lab, and should be adaquate for a typical user. The new printing system will allow our users to use both the black and white and color printers.


    B&W printer = $0.04/page, duplex = 1.5 pages.
    Color printer = $0.40/page, duplex = 1.5 pages.
    Account Quota Approximate pages
    Faculty/Staff $20 / year 500 b&w printer or 50 color printer
    Visiting $20 / year 500 b&w printer or 50 color printer
    Students $20 / year 500 b&w printer or 50 color printer
    Class $10 / semester 250 b&w printer or 25 color printer
    NOTE: B&W refers to printing on the B&W printers and COLOR refers to printing on the color printer. B&W printing done on COLOR printers will be charged the same price as COLOR pages.

    Print Quota Management

    You can check your current print quota or purchase additional print quota using our DECF Account Management Tool.

    Print Quota Policy

    • Print quotas will be reset each 7/1 to the amount in the chart below (except for courses).
    • You can print using both black and white and color printer available, as long as you don't go over your quota.
    • Users will be notified via email when they're close to their print quota.
    • Users can increase their quotas in unrefundable $2 increments.
    • Your print quota already allows for printer, user, software errors in page counting. You cannot get refunds or get more quota due to accounting errors. However, if you find big discrepencies, please email
    • Abusers of the print quota system will have their printing privileges revoked.


    Q: If I paid $4, can I have it credited to my account for next year?
    A: No. However, quotas are valid for a whole year. So, if you decide to buy more print quota, don't buy more than you need.

    Q: Could I transfer another users's print quota to my account?
    A: No.

    Q: Would I get charged color rate for color printing if I printed black and white on it?
    A: Yes.

    Q: How do you count the number of pages used?
    A: The count is by sheets of papers used. So duplex printing = 1 page. 2-up printing = 1 page.
    Duplex printing will be 1.5 pages due to budget cuts and rising costs. 2-up printing is still 1 page

    Q: The printer was out of toner when it printed my page, does it count against my quota?
    A: Yes. The assigned quota amount already has a built in value for printer, toner, and user errors.


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