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Screen Captures


  1. Hit the Print Screen button on the upper left side of the keyboard. You will be prompted to save the screen shot. Use the default filename Screenshot.png.
  2. Right click on the desktop and click on "New Terminal"
  3. Navigate to where you saved to file. If you saved it under your home directory, you can do a "ls" to see the file.
  4. Print the file by typing lpr Screenshot.png. It will be printed to the HP 4100 printer in 1111 Etch.
    If you want to touch up the file. Double click on User's Home on the desktop. Right click on the file name, and you can open it using "Gimp", which is a Photoshop-like program, or any of the other image programs.


  1. SSH into
  2. At the prompt type: screenshot
  3. Highlight the window you want to print. You may have to click on it twice.
  4. At the prompt type: lpr