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Expiration Policy

The DECF account expiration policy follows the CalNet grace period policy. Please check their website for more information on how your Calnet account is marked to be expired. You will be notified of account removal if you are within or past your grace period during our yearly account removal process in June.

If you are: Your account will be disabled Your account will be removed
Faculty/Staff As soon as you're no longer affilated with the University 90 days or around June of each year, whichever is earliest
Everyone else 7/1 7/15
People w/ Extensions Two weeks after expiration One month after expiration
Class accounts On the last Friday after Finals Two weeks after expiration.

    *Under special circumstances, a user with extended appointment may request an account extension. Account extension is subject to affiliation verification and approval.


  • I'm graduating soon, when will my account be deleted?

    The account removal process happens every year between June-August and periodically during each semester. You will receive an email notification before we actually remove your account. At that time, you usually have 2 weeks to 1 month to move your files off the servers.

  • How do I copy files off of the file server?

    You may use SFTP or SCP to transfer files. See our "SSH How-to" for details.

  • What is the expiration policy for subdomain email forwardings (,,

    Subdomain email forwardings expires with Calnet (please see above).


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